Nancy Jahns

1992-99 studies of Fine Arts at University of Art and Design Halle Burg Giebichenstein
study residencies 1993 Mexico, 1996 Estonian Art University, Tallinn (Estonia) with Eve und Peeter Linnap,
1998 Erasmusscholarship Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece)
1999 Diploma of Fine Arts at Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle Burg Giebichenstein with Prof. Ch. Triebsch
2002-2004 Master-study Conceptual Art of Book with Prof. Mechthild Lobisch
scholarsships and projects
2013 Work in the „European Network for Applied Landart in Rural Areas and Cultural Landscapes“ (ENALA)
at the projects EAT LAND MAN ART in Boxtel (NL) and Soundscape-Festival Cres (HR) – with Sven Großkreutz
2012 curating the ENALA Project “To far a field“ Lindtstedt (Altm.) – with Sven Großkreutz
2011 organizing and curating of the European Art-Project „in connection“ in Bernburg
2009 Scholarship Art-Foundation Saxony-Anhalt
since 2007 Founding and than leading the project gallery Raum HELLROT in Halle – with Sven Großkreutz
2004 Artists-Scholarship Saxony-Anhalt
2001-2006 Frankfurt bookfair with edition sand
2001 Graduates Award Saxony-Anhalt